The Party Pirates


About The Party Pirates

The Party Pirates is a children’s show about HAVING FUN. We encourage children to use their creativity and most of all their imagination. The show consists of humorous stories, mysteries, adventures & catchy songs for the kids to learn, sing and dance along to. The Pirates are colourful, fun loving characters that sing, dance and do theatrical performances.

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It all started when the four pirates - Captain Blue, Captain Red, Captain Black and Pirate Pinky were drawn together by a light that shone on a distant island beyond the sun.

On this island, in a hidden Treasure chest, they found a talking golden skull that had magical powers, but didn’t know how to use these powers properly.

The four pirates swore to help and protect the golden skull from falling into the wrong hands. The Party Pirates all had their own colour-coordinated Pirate ships, the Golden Skull cast a spell to make the ships come to shore.

As usual, the spell went wrong and the pirate ships got drawn together and in a magical twirl all four pirate ships became one, with a mixture of colours which now resembles the colours of the rainbow.

So, join in the antics and let your children sing along, dance, use their imagination, learn and best of all, have loads of fun with The Party Pirates!!

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