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The Whitlams are an Australian indie rock group formed in late 1992. The Whitlams performed an orchestral tour from September to November 2007, performing shows with the Sydney Symphony,the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and The Queensland Orchestra.

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In mid-2008 they gave away 700,000 copies of The Whitlams & The Sydney Symphony Live in Concert, as a free CD with various newspapers: The Sunday Telegraph (1 June), The Australian (26 July) and The Mercury. It contains material from their four live performances with the Sydney Symphony at the Sydney Opera House in the previous September. The Whitlams released a compilation album, Truth, Beauty and a Picture of You in August 2008, which peaked at No. 3.As part of it promotion the group performed on TV programs including Nine's Footy Show (NRL), Seven's Sunrise and The Morning Show. The Whitlams performed with the Sydney Symphony in 2009 to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the release of their breakthrough album, Eternal Nightcap.

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