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Van She & Van She Tech is an Electropop band formed in 2008 in Sydney, Australia, with Matt Van Schie (pronounced Van Ski) on bass guitar/vocals, Tomek Archer on drums/sequencer, Michael Di Francesco on synth/guitar and Nicholas Routledge on vocals/guitar.

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The band's debut album, V was released on the Australian label Modular Records in August 2008, which peaked at #10 on the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) album charts.[1] Their label introduced them as a "new band from Sydney fresh on ideas, fresher than Flavor Flav, fresh like coriander, fresher than the Fresh Prince, fresher than fresh eggs."

Despite these claims, the band began with a sound very much rooted in the 1980s, heavy on synthesizer, although later material reflects a more textured sound. They also remixed of other artists' work both under their own name and as the offshoot, Van She Technologic.

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