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Alanna Cherote is a special package and it's safe to say there isn't much she can't do. Born of musician parents, and the eldest of five children, she has grown up singing and playing guitar. First and foremost she is an edgy rock n roll princess with a strong repertoire of original tracks and an extensive catalogue of covers from old school to current, anything from Suzie Quatro and Nancy Sinatra, to Lykke Li and The Black Keys, plus everything in between.

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Not one to be pigeon holed, Alanna also knows how to bring it back down to a mellow and raw level and has toured Europe and Canada with her classic folk album Paper Flower in 2012. To top it all off, her support crew are amongst the most talented musicians in the country. One of her greatest achievements to date is recording with her all time songwriting idol, Canadian legend Ron Sexsmith. Overall Alanna is an experienced, authentic and passionate musician who is always the professional and can tailor a set list, band and performance to suit any venue, occasion and crowd. Definitely not one to be missed.  

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