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If you ask Anthony he will tell you that he doesn’t read minds. He will say that he uses psychological tricks, body language and subtle non verbal signs that give the illusion of mind reading. You want to believe him but after watching his show you will be convinced that mind reading is the only logical explanation. How else can he extract such specific thoughts straight from peoples minds? You will try desperately to unlock his secrets, to dissect his ability and try to come up with a perfectly rational reason for how he does what he does. But it’s impossible because as soon as he walks on stage he will have you suspended in disbelief and amazement which constantly begs the question “Is it truly possible to read someones mind?”

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In the short few years that Anthony has been in Australia he has made a huge impression. He got the nations attention when he appeared on Australia’s Got Talent and successfully read the mind of judge Kyle Sandilands. He then held the entire country in a state of captivation as he mind read his way to become one of the top three semi finalists on the show. He also performed 40 shows in 40 nights in 40 different locations to help raise money and awareness for the McGrath Foundation.

Anthony’s show encompasses humour and wit along with feats beyond the realm of what we believe to be possible in this world. Anthony is currently performing in the international hit production of the Illusionists. Chosen over all the other mentalists in the world, Anthony is a phenomenon not to be missed.

“Loads of fun and highly entertaining. It’s almost guaranteed that when you leave his show, your entire conversation home will be about trying to figure out exactly how he did what he did” - NovaFM

So are you willing to let Anthony into your mind? Will you surrender to his good looks and English charm? You can be certain that watching Anthony in action is a once in a lifetime experience. Let him twist the very core of what you believe to be real, let him turn your world upside down. Even just for a little while. Lose yourself in the moment as he delves into the minds of others. Sit on the edge of your seat as he performs a breathtaking game of Russian Roulette.

Give yourself wholly to the unbelievable. Is it mind reading? Is it an acute awareness of the human psyche? Which ever you decide you can be sure of one thing. Anthony Laye knows what your thinking…..

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