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The music of ARABESK follows many paths at any one time. Like a river it is fed from many different tributaries to form the whole, drawing upon strong jazz influences... Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery, Eastern European Gypsy/Classical music, upon a backdrop of heavily African and Arabic influenced rhythms. At any moment it will swing hard, only to drop into a thick funk pumped bassline, all the while the violin floating above it. The drums hammer and thunder beats reminiscent of Motown, Blue Note and Afro Cuban jazz.

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Recent performance highlights include top billing at the Takatsuki Jazz Festival May 2015 in Japan, followed by a week of club dates around Osaka area, performing at the 20th Blue Mountains Music Festival March 2015 and winning Best Instrumental Track at the Australian Songwriters Association Awards 2011.

With a wealth of musical experience it is little wonder ARABESK are such a powerhouse of invention and innovation, fused with constant hypnotic rhythms and laced with the lushness of violins and guitars, their music has been likened to a series of “conversations across the ages” where all kinds of traditions converge into a modern day celebration of intoxicating global grooves. ARABESK bring their own brand of original Australian world music that never fails to thrill the soul with every performance

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