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Alan Kohler is one of Australia’s most experienced commentators and journalists. Alan is the founder of Eureka Report, Australia’s most successful investment newsletter, and Business Spectator, a 24-hour free business news and commentary website. He also hosts Inside Business, a half-hour Sunday programme on the ABC, is the finance presenter on the ABC News – and producer of the nightly graph (or two).

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Alan started his career as a financial journalist in 1970, at the peak of the Poseidon boom. After failing to make, and lose, a fortune he travelled the world before settling back in Melbourne as the Australian Financial Review’s Chanticleer columnist, having had a year under the expert tutelage of the first Chanticleer, Robert Gottliebsen.

He then became Editor of the Financial Review, and then Editor of The Age in Melbourne, before moving to the world of television at the ABC’s 7.30 Report, for which he was business and economics correspondent while continuing to write columns for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald and, later, the Financial Review.

His most recent endeavour began in 2005, when he launched Eureka Report, which has now become Australia’s most successful investment newsletter, and then in 2007, with Robert Gottliebsen and Stephen Bartholomeusz, he launched Business Spectator, a 24-hour a day, free business news and analysis website.

In his spare time, Alan likes spending time with his family and his beloved pets – Steve the cat, Sam the golden lab and his latest recruit Maisy the black lab. You will also find him frequenting Melbourne’s many culinary hidden gems enjoying the fine food while sipping on a pinot.

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