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Written by Brett Orr himself: "I've decided to stop pretending to act like a famous person and write a real bio from the heart. I AM A PERSON WHO PLAYS MUSIC… there, I said it how it really is. You see, unlike Kanye or Jay-Z, I’m not a superhero with magical powers. I am a real person like you. Real stuff happens to me. The only difference is that I have been blessed with the gift of piano lessons.

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But they ran out in 1995, and since then it’s all been up to me. I've worked my arse off to learn the piano, to teach myself the drums, to teach myself how to sing and perform and record and mix. I’ve watched countless educational DVDs... and spent thousands of hours on YouTube learning from the masters. I spend at least an hour every day working on my chops (scales, chords, arpeggios, rudiments) and I’m on an endless quest to better myself musically. So far, this quest has taken 20 years. And I’ll keep going until my heart stops beating.

I keep my chops tight so that when inspiration strikes, I can be ready to channel it. When it comes, it always takes a hold of me and chokes a song out of me without my consent. This happens once or twice a year when really full-on life-changing events happen to me, and I have no choice but to put it into words so I can express it and move on. And if the song needs more than just piano, I sit behind the drums and see what comes. Usually, it comes out funky."

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