Cruz Del Sur (NSW)


About Cruz Del Sur (NSW)

Introducing the First Official International Argentine Folk Dance Company in Australia ' CRUZ DEL SUR .' Fully recognised by the Dance Chambers of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1981, CDS debuted at Fairfield Athletic club. During the nineties CDS dealt with major performances traveling nationally throughput Australia. Performing for Government, Mayors, Political Parties, Artists & Celebrity functions.

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Family based group which lead the Argentine folkloric group In representing Australia during there Asian Tour, being the first ethnic group to open doors for other multicultural countries. Also touring Argentina performing at the biggest festival's in Argentina Cordoba -Cosquin in 97 &  98, and Salta. In 2002 we got an invitation from President Cristina Sanchez of DANZAMERICA Dance Competition, representing CRUZ DEL SUR went Gaston Bonasso & Yamilla for category Tango, which in place they won silver medal. The following year we sent groups  Jacaranda, Raices y Bolivia Mia to participate. BOLIVIA MIA doing us all proud with being the Hispanoamerica Live winners of 2007. They won the gold medals for best group & choreography. CDS has over 20yrs of entertainment experience.

CRUZ DEL SUR has spent a great deal of time helping charitable organisations such as: Red Cross Many Hospitals throughout Sydney Church Organisations Police Services Ambulance & Fire Brigade Services Bandaged Bear Fund Cancer Council All Latinoamerican Folklore, Malambo, Percussions, Tango, Samba, Capoeria, salsa jazz Brazilian workshops, Folklore workshops, Malambo workshops, Tango workshops.

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