Cyber Dragon Queen

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About Cyber Dragon Queen

Cyber Dragon Queen is a fantasy creature. This living statue interacts with the flow and mood of the audience, combined with different styles of pantomime and ‘silent’ expressions.

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A great visual act, Cyber Dragon Queen can either stay still in one spot ore rove around. Cyber-Dragon Queen can also be teamed up with the mystical Zazoria. Zazoria has grace, firmness, and strength as well as insight. One day during his spontaneous travels he stumbles across to the Queen’s palace, knocks on her door and enters unwelcomed to discover the emotionless Queen. Zazoria becomes besotted by her presence and decides to try to wake the sleeping Cyber Dragon Queen. He grinds at her silver metal heart, with sparking flames to wake her lust for life again. She wakes up from her emotionless state and discovers life and beauty yet again. Cyber Dragon Queen and Zazoria is a dynamic duo that can be presented on stage or as a roving act, with or without metal grinding.

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