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Darryl is a motivational keynote speaker with an engaging twist. Darryl Lovegrove is an entrepreneur with global business experience who has worked in varied and challenging situations. Co-creator of the worldwide successful corporate entertainment act “The Three Waiters”, Darryl (and a former business partner) took a simple entertainment concept and turned it into a thriving international business that revolutionized event entertainment globally.

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Topped-off with live performances of operatic arias (which audiences describe as “uplifting” and “inspiring”) Darryl’s presentation will inspire you and your team, provide tips and ideas to motivate for success and illustrate how to be ready for action during tough times. The entire team will leave feeling ready to be the best they can be.

An entrepreneur in Action: In 1998, inspired by the world’s greatest opera singers “The Three Tenors”, two actors conceived a simple entertainment concept called “The Three Waiters”. An instant hit within the events industry, demand grew so rapidly that within three years they had established offices in Sydney, Los Angeles, London, New York and Bogota Colombia. Performing for millions of people worldwide, their ‘simple concept’ became a global brand. Surviving 9/11, the Global Financial Crisis and fierce rivalry from copycats, the act become an award-winning international enterprise and the number one corporate entertainment act in the world. The ultimate compliment for “The Three Waiters” was an invitation to perform for the greatest opera singers of our time (and the original inspiration for the act) “The Three Tenors”.

Overcoming challenges in tough times: Darryl is a high energy, charismatic presenter who tells his story in an engaging, anecdotal style and by cutting through corporate jargon he speaks in a compelling and relevant manner. His business experience encompasses start-ups and developing overseas business ventures. He discusses the challenges faced by business by reliving his own journey which required attention to areas such as driving focus, goal setting, price leadership, quality as a differentiator, and customer orientation. Faced with 9/11 as a backdrop, Darryl had to determine whether to stay or go as the US economy took a downturn and the events industry was crippled overnight. Darryl will discuss how he handled this massive challenge and highlight how resilience, endurance and a desire to ‘adapt or die’ can ensure success and survival in business.

An engaging twist… Throughout a 20 year career as an award-winning vocalist and musical theatre performer, Darryl has been witness to the power music has to really engage audiences. Concluding his presentation with a live performance of the legendary aria “Nessun Dorma” he says “regardless of culture, language or demographic, people all over the world are moved by this aria, which has a unique ability to inspire and motivate”. Audiences unanimously report this to be an ‘unexpected thrill’ that left them feeling they could achieve anything!

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