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As cheeky as his smile suggest, Jonno Haze's youthful looks hide the fact that he has been DJ'ing at Melbourne clubs and parties for over 10 years now. Never one to shy away from joining in the fun and getting everyone involved, Jonno's passion for a wide variety of music makes him adaptable to any event.

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Aside from his regular club gigs, Mr Haze is a regular DJ at the Spring Carnival and features in the Birdcage and numerous VRC members and young members events. Along with his regular private bookings for birthdays, engagements and weddings, Jonno's CV is also littered with many fashion week events, trade shows, Christmas parties, luxury brand launches, food and music festivals.

His sophisticated musicality, charisma and high-energy nature makes him a favourite in the corporate entertainment world.Passionate about always putting the client first, Jonno is more than happy to tailor an event's playlist to any brief that is requested and gets great satisfaction out of successful event or party.

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