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Growing up on Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches there wasn’t much that would drag Hayden away from the surf and sand but there was one thing that was always guaranteed to get him home by sun down, his Mum’s cooking. Mum, Jo-Anne a Home Economist, spotted her sons enthusiasm for cooking at an early age and it was this eagerness to learn (or maybe the appeal of a kitchen hand) that saw Jo-Anne teaching a young Hayden everything she knew about food.

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“I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with Mum. She’s a great cook and knows so much about food and different cuisines because she’s a home economist. Growing up in that atmosphere was incredible and being around a kitchen that is always trying something new and producing great food is amazing”.

A love of food sparked a passion for travel, at 18 Hayden took off on his first overseas trip to the US, every adventure lead to a hunger for the next, always on the hunt for the best waves, awesome food and fantastic people with which to share the experience. By his mid 20’s Hayden has travelled all over Asia, Europe and Central America.

It was a sense of adventure and natural curiosity that in September 2010 lead him to apply for the third series of Ch10’s MasterChef. His laid back and friendly nature made him an instant hit with the judges, his fellow contestants and the audience a like but this surfer boy was not to be underestimated. In week One he won the coveted ‘Immunity Pin’ by beating one of chef Alessandro Pavoni from Ormeggio’s top apprentices. In week seven he went on to win another chance at Immunity whilst cooking Korean food for world renowned chef David Chang of Momofuku, who on being presented Hayden’s dish, said with open admiration “I did not expect this from you… you have a lot of potential that I didn’t see coming”.

Reaching the top six, Hayden’s shock elimination in week 12 sent the media wild, twitter was busting at the seams seconds after the announcement with fans posting messages of shock and support.

But being as energetic and ambitious as Hayden is, means he never sits still for long, within days of his elimination he was exploring potential filming and writing opportunities that combine his three great loves; food, travel and the ocean.

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