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Ian 'Molly' Meldrum is a legend in the history of Australian music, described by musical writers Toby Creswell and Samantha Chenoweth in 1001 Australians You Should Know as 'the single most important person in the Australian pop industry for 40 years'. Initially interested in a law degree, he has since the 1960s presented the best and latest in music and music news to Australian audiences.

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A critic, journalist, record producer and entrepreneur, his efforts have led to close friendships with most of the big names in the music industry, a number of world exclusives including interviews with Madonna and Michael Jackson, and the 24 program series The Meldrum Tapes, televised on the ABC in Australia and subsequently aired in the USA, Europe and Japan.

Ian's interest in music began during his school days, and his growing up in an era caught up in Beatlemania. Like so many of his generation, Ian truly identified with their form of music.

Responsible for the institution that was Countdown, for 13 years Meldrum showcased the finest the music world had to offer, becoming a hugely influential promoter of new talent. Countdown established itself almost immediately in 1974 as world-class and introduced the ABBA phenomenon to the world.

By 1975 it was world-renowned and any performer of note visiting the country appeared on the show. Many local groups made their mark on Countdown, including ACDC, Skyhooks, John Paul Young and Sherbet.

As a producer, Ian Meldrum scored top ten hits for Russell Morris, Ronnie Burns, Colleen Hewett, Supernaut and The Ferrets, as well as hosting the Australian leg of Live Aid in July 1985, Oz for Africa.

He was made a Member of the Order of Australia for service to the fostering of international relief and to youth in January 1986 and his contributions have been acknowledged with an ARIA Award for Special Achievement in 1993 and the APRA Ted Albert Award in 1994.

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