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Sydney & NSW

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Double Cross Double Take! Whether you’re organizing a party, conference, or a major awards presentation… Vote for the wickedly funny view of your business with your industry humour that cuts through quicker than Julia’s dagger!

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K. Rudd looks so much like a carbon (taxed) copy of the resurrected Kevin it’s scary! And it’s hilarious as he leverages this opportunity to communicate a heads up on your company, association or industry. K. Rudd will give a fair shake up of your re-source bottle to tell you which of your executives and guests he wants in his next cabinet, and why! Use ‘politically incorrect’ liberally to make your competition green with envy! As K. Rudd himself says; “It’s all about being a team player – even if it’s a one-man team.” Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says, “This is Kevin Rudd who can speak plain English!”

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