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Ever since he can remember, Frank has been singing. He has sung for his school choir in primary school, at the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympic games, for numerous bands, tribute shows, TV shows, commercials and more. With over 15 years of experience Frank has had numerous musical influences over the years spanning many different genres.

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Voya's passion for music began when he first discovered his father’s vinyl collection. When he entered a Coca-Cola label competition and won a Strat copy, he was certain it was a sign to start learning guitar. From this point his musical journey has taken him along the East Coast of Australia in original and cover shows and touring internationally with an original act. He has also produced and recorded various Sydney bands and played session guitar for many recordings and tribute shows.
In addition to this, Frank & Voya have been playing together as part of original rock band Bad Moon Born. They have worked on countless projects/bands and have now put together songs you will never forget, blending classic and modern elements in the form of a stripped back acoustic show that has left their audiences moved.
With a combined 20 years experience, Frank & Voya skilfully compliment each other with two acoustic guitars and impressive vocals - together, they seamlessly create a vibe worth remembering. They have performed across Sydney in various venues, making regular appearances at The Fiddler Hotel, Hillside Hotel, Observer Hotel and many more.

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