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Born in Chile they all play six string acoustic and electric guitar, bass and also use their instruments as percussion and vocal beat box. One minute they play in unison, the next in harmony, then across and against each other, it is calm then chaotic, beautiful then forceful. It is difficult to fully describe them until you’ve heard them.

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The interplay and understanding that flows through them is inspiring, endearing and infectious. They truly captivate their audience as they stretch each other’s ability with a flourish here and an astonishing variation there. Anyone! Or anyone who plays a guitar, anyone who aspires to playing guitar, anyone who enjoys listening to guitar must see these incredible players.

The trio has been performing professionally since 1997 since then they have played a large number of venues around the country some career highlights: Sydney opera house in series of concerts as headline and support in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 Thru out the Australian festival circuit including: Byron Bay Blues and roots festival, Peats Ridge Eco-Festival, Thredbo jazz festival, Thredbo world festival, The Rocks Aroma Festival, Live Events Festival, Femme Funk Festival, Cronulla Jazz Festival, Bondi beach Latin festival, Brunswick st mall festival (Brisbane), Woodford festival (woodford), Bellingen global festival (bellingen), Ecofest (Townsville), Ecofest (cairns), Brisbane Festival, Adelaide Guitar Festival, Darling Harbour Latin Fiesta.

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