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Matthew Garwood, a classically trained singer and musical theatre performer, recently involved in the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ in his hometown of Launceston. Having enjoyed an illustrious career in musical theatre, Matthew has a surprising love of heavy metal and sports a bad-boy tattoo image.

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He acknowledges that his musical ambitions have been instilled by the continued support of his loving parents who were both singers and is hoping to make them proud. At age 24, he plans to apply his classical training… and theatrical flare to create a unique pop rock musical style Raised the grandson of Baptist church minister, blessed with a voice that belongs on Broadway and with a hunger to take his talents to the world, the 24-year-old Tasmanian looked to The Voice to make his mark. But it was his eye-catching ink which had the show’s celebrity coaches on their feet and so tongue-tied they forgot to even ask the singer his name.Using the blind audition concept to his advantage, the musical theatre performer sealed the final place on Ricky Martin’s team with a flawless rendition of The Phantom Of The Opera classic, All Of Ask Of You. After turning Martin’s chair, Garwood turned more heads with his colorful body art, which is inked across his chest, up one arm, over both hands, from “big toe to butt cheek” on one leg and reaching right up to his chin. Garwood told the coaches he didn’t want to be “pin-holed as just a musical theatre singer” but embraced the genre’s sense of dramatics, which he clearly embraces in his personal sense of style.

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