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Knee-slapping entertainment! 8 time ‘MO’ Award winner as Australia’s Best Comedy Magic Act and also named the Australian Performer of the Year for 2014. First class.

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He will tear up your money, cut off your tie, lift your watch and split your sides!

Comedian and magician, Phil “trust me” Cass has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most incredible illusionists, as well as one of the most professional and stylish acts on the global comedy circuit today. Laugh out loud as Cass creates major mayhem on stage and stare in awe as he performs his mind boggling magic. He has a flair for the unbelievableand his performance is audience interactive, clean, impressive and hilarious.

He’s an ‘expert trouble maker’!

Amongst his string of prestigious awards for ‘excellence in live entertainment’, Phil now has 8 MO’ Awards for being the ‘Best Speciality Act’ in Australia and also for the very first time,  the Gold ‘MO’ Award for the 2014 Australian Performer of the Year.  FIRST CLASS.

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