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Reuben Stone is out to dissolve the Lazy musician stereo type. For the past 5 months he has been working hard as a professional street musician in Melbourne, Australia. On the streets busking at sunrise and working on his debut 4 track and his new single, Twisted & Deranged (Released August 9th 2012), it has been an inspiring time for Reuben as an artist.

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His EP, Spy Planes, is due to be released October 5th 2012 on New Zealand Independent Record Label Pedestrian Records. The Spy Planes debut is an EP with a difference. Combining influences of Rock and Electronica Reuben plays 100% of the instruments, from Guitars, bass and vocals to drums and synthesizer, all delivered in a tightly knit package by legendary New Zealand producer Rob Mayes. Meeting thousands of people and networking up a storm Reuben has unearthed some very exciting new opportunities. Reuben will be hitting the Road with NZ/Aussie touring outfit Open Heart Circuitry for a 10 show National Tour of New Zealand. Reuben will be performing songs from the E.P with custom visuals and some new upcoming projects including Drone Kills Drone.

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