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Rex Goh is arguably Australia’s ‘most heard’ guitarist. His list of credits over a long and stellar career would be remarkable enough in itself; but this is only part of the story. What makes Rex very special is that he puts the same amount of preparation and effort into a Saturday afternoon gig at a pub, as he does into appearing on stage at the Sydney Opera House or backing the contestants on Australian Idol. Rex does this week in, week out, for anyone and everyone; and he does it with skill, style, consistency, patience, musicality and good humour.

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Rex Goh is a natural. Largely self-taught, notoriously modest, and with an encyclopaedic knowledge of rock music, he is widely regarded as Australia's best session guitarist. You might not have noticed him in videos or on the red carpet, but if you have ever watched Australian Idol, or heard Savage Garden, or Air Supply or Brothers of Oz, or even the Wiggles, you'll have heard him. Rex was born and brought up in Singapore. Guitar playing wasn't something to aspire to in a traditional Chinese family, but he managed to learn with the help of a few hints from his neighbour, a radio and an uncannily good ear for music. By his teens he was playing gigs at all the big hotels in town, and in 1972 he came to Australia.

Renowned for his easy going attitude and his fabulous musicianship, Rex Goh is the one everyone calls when they need a guitarist. So when the Brothers in Arms Live tour came up, with its groundbreaking, guitar-driven sound, he was the perfect choice for music director. It is Rex who has hand-picked his team of musicians, mixing it up with a bit of Stuie French's steel guitar, Tony Mitchell's rock bass and Floyd Vincent's blues-y anything goes-y flair. As for Rex, he'll be aiming to get that special Mark Knopfler sound.


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