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TWO UP CIRCUS Two up circus is Kyle Raftery and April Dawson. Hilarious, highly skilled and incredibly versatile, Kyle and April are two of Australia’s most sought after circus entertainers. Together their professional experience includes:

Lunar Circus, Adelaide Fringe, Perth Fringeworld BMW Cup, Ronald Mcdonald Charity Ball, P&O Cruise Liners, Woolworths, IGA, The Australian Open, Melbourne Football Club, Strictly Dancing (ABC), Discovery TV (SG), Bunning’s, Honda, Hyundai, City Of Melbourne, Fun 4 Kids Festival, Sydney Opera House Studio, Royal Exhibition Building

THE CLOUDS Beautifully costumed and coiffed ethereal crea¬tures seamlessly float by, silently radiating immense charm and goodwill to lift the heaviest of hearts. The Clouds provide an artistic, mobile backdrop well suited to galleries, exhibitions, openings, awards, ceremonies, luncheons, fundraisers and parties across all industries and professions.

THE SLOW SHOW The eye-catching, larger than life snail drags his mobile home and his intriguing human slowly across the space, enjoying the magic of simple things. Part installation, part theatre, and part roving performance, the unfolding rapport between the Slow Show characters brings colour, comedy and pathos to any event. Particularly suited to garden, nature, floral and animal related industries, as well as the healing arts - alterna¬tive therapies, health and social services.

THE FLYCYCLE An obsessive, enthusiastic, determined couple in an artistically defined flying machine deliver a slapstick routine, requiring plenty of room for take off. Particularly suited to functions related to trans¬port, invention, science, or a nostalgic journey into the past. Then again, they would suit any function open to a bit of old world absurdity.

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