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Make no mistake, if you have heard Sarina vocalize, or had the pleasure of experiencing her perform, it is true, honest, and refreshing in every sense of the word. She is a sought after seasoned professional. Her experience with session recordings, range as a backing vocalist for record labels, to the lead vocal for advertising campaigns such as, Toyota, K-Mart, and others.

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As a live performer Sarina has been involved in many different projects, from Salsa Bands to R&B and Gospel, front and backing vocals. Also busy freelancing Sarina can draw from plenty of experience over the years from a variety of line ups, such as duos, live bands, production shows, live recordings, charity events, and corporate affairs. From the small bar to the larger facility with venues that include, The Entertainment Centre, Stadium Australia, Parramatta Stadium, Homebush Superdome, The Aqua Shell Darling Harbour, and others. Sarina’s training includes, vocal, dance, musicianship, songwriting, guitar, piano and performance. In 1994 she completed a 2 year full-time course achieving a Diploma in Creative Arts which she majored in Vocals and Musicianship.

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