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With a Bachelor of International Communication from Macquarie University held in her hand, Stephanie Lorenzo didn’t start her career planning to start a charity. It was a chance encounter with a book about sex trafficking, and a life-changing trip to Cambodia that left her asking ‘how could this be real’?

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In that moment Stephanie decided to unlock purpose, and play a bigger game. That game was to create a movement that would help facilitate the end of global human trafficking and slavery. For many combatting the worlds third largest crime is a mountain to big to climb. For Stephanie, that mountain was too big to Ignore. In 2009 fusing a passionate vision, with a purpose driven action plan, Stephanie founded a non-for profit organisation called Project Futures.

Stephanie’s ‘purpose equals action’ leadership approach has enabled her to mobilise young professionals to engage in creative, innovative and sustainable fundraising initiatives. She believes that young people are driven by purpose, and the results speak for themselves. The Project Futures community have raised over $2.1 million for their anti-trafficking projects in only 5 years of operation, 3 of which were part time and voluntary.

Stephanie’s core message is about harnessing the power of purpose in our lives. Once we discover our ‘why’ we are able to empower ourselves to take action, and manifest our gift to the world. Through tapping into our talents and the talents of those around us, we can drive action and achieve desired results regardless of the size of the It’s no surprise that in 2013 and 2014 Stephanie was named one of Westpac’s 100Women of Influence and nominated as Australian of the Year. Despite these accolades Stephanie describes herself as an ordinary human.

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