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The Baker Boys Band" is a full-time professional group of musicians who believe that every great event, whether big or small, must have a truly spectacular band. The music must INSPIRE everyone to have an unforgettable night! Why can't you have a REAL band at your function - not one of those tired old function bands or a "packaged band"?

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The Baker Boys are a premium 3-14 man band that are specialists in high- energy music for festivals, events and private functions. The Baker Boys play a wide variety of tunes, but our trademark specialty is up-tempo festival-style music - capable of everything from chart classics, funk grooves, soul, swing/jazz to current top 40 and dance hits.

On one night we might be playing completely 1950s rock n' roll, and on the next night, only 80s hits. Or a mixture of eveything- you really have to see it live to understand! Come along to one of our free live viewings! Wedding Music The members of the band are internationally renowned professional musicians, currently working with many industry giants, and playing and touring regularly with a wide variety of well known artists.

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