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Heard of Dita Von Tesse? Fabulous. Heard of the Pussycat Dolls? Fabulous. Heard of The Dirty Pretty Jewels? Watch this space... Today a new generation nostalgic for the Burlesque spectacle and perceived glamour have modernised the old pastiche elements into popular, seductive showcases.

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Four professional and internationally acclaimed dancers and songstress Belinda Chapple reclaimed the essence of Burlesque when the Dirty Pretty Jewels were created and brought to the Lincoln’s underground nightclub, The Box. Rebecca Chamberlain (Diamond), Sarah Jane Coombe (Emerald), Jess Stokes (Sapphire), and Mary Luangkhoth (Ruby) and the well known stunner vocalist Belinda Chapple (previously in the band Bardot) are as glamorous and as exotic as jewels, with one of Australia’s most renowned choreographers Wil Sabin who has performed alongside Elton John producing each stimulating showcase. This dynamic exposure has allowed The Dirty Pretty Jewels to present upbeat and alluring routines to popular cabaret pieces.

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