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The music of country supergroupThe Highwaymen continues to echo down the halls of time thanks to Australia's No. 1 salute to the Outlaws of Country – Dail Platz's Highwaymen Tribute Show.

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Since the recent resurgence in popularity of Johnny Cash, audiences haven't been able to get enough of the Man in Black. What a bonus to be able to catch up with his best buddies as well – Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Cash's lifelong friend, Waylon Jennings – all sharing the stage together, reliving the music that defined an era.

The Highwaymen towered like giants over the country music scene well into the nineties and enjoyed probably their pinnacle moment at their magical concert at Long Island's Nassau Stadium in 1990. Now Dail Platz, along with Brent Lillie and Paul Mostyn, have re-created The Highwaymen experience. Sold out audiences everywhere have already been hooting, clapping and singing along to a smorgasbord of individual country classics from Johnny, Willie, Kris and Waylon and reliving Highwaymen favorites like 'Highwayman', 'Silver Stallion' and 'Desperadoes Waiting for a Train' forty fantastic songs in all.

This is a genuine tribute to The Highwaymen. 'Ring of Fire', 'On the Road Again', 'Luchenbach Texas', 'Bobby McGee', all the songs are there, no filler, no false promises, you will truly be taken on a journey back into a Golden Era and relive the passionate and powerful music of these four great legends who, combined, became the biggest country supergroup of all time, The Highwaymen.

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