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The Project are a live band from Singapore that play Funk, RnB, Dance and Rock. The band has played on some of the biggest stages in Singapore and has been hired for numerous corporate events, private parties and weddings.

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The Project is the brain-child of one of Myanmars least successful philatelists. It appeared in braille on his somewhat equal sided (Read: burly) girlfriends left breast after a night of heavily drinking yellow tequila-lah with a blind mexican gunfighter who had recently beendeported from turkmenistan for being the proud owner of the finest moustache this side of Krakow (no mean feat when you think of how many stans there are between here and there that actually allow, and often encourage the wearing of said 'tache).

Unfortunately this idea was blasted out of his head when he died in 1992 by a rogue lightning bolt that was a clear 2 hours late for the thunderstorm it had been rushing to get to and didn't find a suitable host until a somewhat unstable englishman stumbled into a bar in little india with a big musical hole currently occupying his life and a desire to fill it with something unusual.


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