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Are you tired of attending functions and events with music provided by a laptop computer and a couple of singers who trill to Abba songs? Are you tired of seeing yet another pub cover band play the same old regurgitated and diluted 60's/70's/80's/90's hits like 'Nut Bush City Limits', 'Khe Sanh' and 'Radar Love'?

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Well, you might like the opportunity to hear a band with a kick-arse rhythm section

led by bass player Pete Robinson from founding Sixties band "The Strangers" with drummer Peter Reed (who has played with everyone from Gary Young to Phil Manning), playing the best music of the Sixties with a special emphasis on the British Invasion.

If you add the soaring vocals and fluid guitar work of Dennis Millar (who played in legendary 70's band "Buster Brown") and the punk energy provided by Peter Summers, a great night of rock entertainment and dancing is guaranteed.

The Substitutes have been around for about three years recreating that 60's excitement and rawness that often gets lost with cover bands. Listen to a Dave Davies guitar solo or a Keith Moon drum fill and know that the 60's were about experimentation and shock, not just good pop melodies.

They play the songs that 'bar bands' avoid - the really complex songs, the lost gems, the ones in difficult keys, the ones with odd arrangements and instrumentation - in fact we make it bloody hard for ourselves really..

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