Black Cashmere (NSW)

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About Black Cashmere (NSW)

A rising DJ from Sydney, Australia - Black Cashmere is all about 70’s/80’s Funk and Disco. Her music selection is superior and her transitions are smooth.

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Having great appreciation and respect for the legends, she believes this kind of music has already been perfected and that excessive effects and remixing would simply destroy it. Due to her extensive collection, no two sets are ever alike. Limiting herself only to the songs that are known to all is not her ambition, but rather to encourage new discoveries of older masterpieces that are still very much relevant today. She has no desire to be mainstream, we have plenty of that already, she wants to be the heartbeat of a golden era in music, bringing that Paradise Garage and Studio 54 feeling back in todays clubs. She wants to seduce the audience with the style of music that she’s been in love with for so many years. Even though there are decks between her and the audience she fantasises about being on the dance floor the whole time as she can barely stand still. From a very young age, she has always had a strong relationship with music from a time well before she was even born. Black Cashmere's exclusive knowledge of these genres and artists beautifully compliment her devotion for this art.

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