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Although in use since the 17th century, burlesque really became immortalized during the Weimar Republic era in Germany, both in cabaret clubs and with the Marlene Dietrich film, 'Der Blaue Engel' (The Blue Angel). Burlesque, in our particular instance, means extravaganza and was popular from the 1860s to the 1940s, often in clubs and cabarets as well as theatres and was performed in a variety show format in the U.S. Burlesque ‘variety shows’ in America often featured comedy or caricature, and most commonly, a female striptease. Hollywood, in 1930s to the 1960s, recreated the idea and concept of these performances and later developed them further with burlesque-style scenes in theatre and films, such as ‘Cabaret’ in 1972 and ‘All that Jazz’ in 1979. Burlesque made a major comeback in the 1990s, and so we have created a seductive, tasteful, burlesque show for you to incorporate into your next event.

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Traditional Burlesque can be a little risqué, so we have created three fabulous options for you to choose from for your Burlesque or Cabaret themed event. We can offer you Burlesque suitable for corporate and private functions. Our brilliant floorshows celebrate the theatrics of Burlesque, in a cabaret style. Tailored to suit all audiences, our Burlesque/Cabaret Floorshows are both entertaining and tasteful. We have injected a strong cabaret influence into our shows to keep our performance theatrical, technical, yet fun and flirtatious. We do certainly offer Traditional Burlesque soloists.

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