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OZ ORIENTAL featuring Lily Cheng Beautiful Chinese dancers performing Peacock Dance & other traditional dances.

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  • DONG TAM ASSOC. Lion Dancing is an art form which brings luck, prosperity & happiness. Can have up to 10 Lions, with 6-8 accompanying percussionists & can include a martial arts demonstration.
  • YAN WU International Chinese traditional Opera actress performing in authentic Chinese make-up & costume.
  • CHINESE MUSICIANS Can include Chinese Harp (Gu Zheng), Chinese Piano (Dulcimer) & Chinese violin (Er Hu). Music includes traditional Chinese & modern & Western songs. Require small PA system.
  • CHINESE MASKS This duo will greet guests & then rove & hand out fortune cookies. Costumed in very elaborate masks & headpieces.
  • CHINESE CALLIGRAPHER Chinese writing on bookmarks or ricepaper. Can be solo or a duo. Temporary Chinese Tattoos are also possible.
  • CHINESE GOD OF WEALTH Traditional Chinese New Year character, gives out lucky red envelopes containing either money or gold chocolate coins.
  • CHINESE FORTUNE TELLER Includes interpreter & throne hire.
  • WESTERN HARP Played by Chinese female performer.
  • CHINESE DANCE SCHOOL (formerly MAY WANG DANCERS ) Performing such dances as China Doll Dance, Royal Court Dance, Silver Bell Dance & The Sounds of Yang Ke.
  • DRAGON DANCE The dragon is approximately 25 metres long with 30 performers.
  • CHINESE BALLOON MODELLER Dressed in Traditional Chinese costume with balloon creations for both adults & children.CHINESE HOSTESSES Available to meet and greet guests. Speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English.
  • CHINESE BANDS Can accompany above singers, Soundscape, The Runners, The Travellers & The Mandarin.
  • CHEEKY THE CLOWN A Chinese Clown with balloon modelling. She speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin & Hokkien.
  • CHINESE VOCALISTS Includes Ernest Wong, Anson Bang, Pei Feng, John Chang, Alan Lee & Rosita. Sue Shen & Tamara Guo. Limited dates only.

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