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Indigi is an Aboriginal owned and operated dance group situated in Western Sydney, Offering entertaining and informative rituals of Aboriginal culture. Lead Dancer of the Thullii Dreamtime Performers, has been performing for more than 12 years, with many National & International performances. Major performances include Dubai shopping festival, Australiana Week festival - Abu Dhabi, Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony, Mercedes Fashion Week, Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 2, P & O Oriana, Poland dance festival, Americas Next top model, International Folklore Festival Germany, just a mention of a few.

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The dance group is made up of performers from various tribal areas of New South Wales and made up of male & female performers. Performances by the Thullii Dancers are traditional NSW songs and dancers performed with the Didjeridu, clapsticks and dancing boomerangs. All songs and dances performed by the dance group are under the approval and guidance of appropriate elders. Spectators will see a variety of traditional songs and dances, including a welcome dance, respect dances, animal and spirit and play dances mainly from the Ngemba tribe, showcasing the unique culture that is alive and strong from North West New South Wales.

Thullii dancers can cater for your every need and occasion, offering entertaining and informative rituals of Aboriginal culture. Thullii Dancers are professional, reliable Aboriginal performers with years of experience on a National level with a genuine passion and pride for their Aboriginal culture and Heritage. Consisting of male and female dancers of all ages. The Thullii dancers are unique for their performances of song and dance from the Ngemba language, the only dance group showcasing the unique culture that is alive and strong in North West NSW with traditional language, song, dance, traditional artefact,  musical instruments & stories of the Ngemba Nation. All performances include a traditional welcome dance and a respect dance paying respects to all tribal areas, each other, different cultures, plants, animals, mother earth and Biamie (god) .Thullii Dreaming can provide you with the right dance group and performance to suit your event, with an all male, all female or a male & female dance group.

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