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In 1997 Clinton Weir started in the hospitality industry as a bartender, it was not long before he realised that this is what he loved, not just working as a bartender but entertaining people with good drinks good service. Soon discovering the art of flair Clinton quickly started moving up in the ranks, and by 2002 when he entered his first flair competition between 2 cities in South Africa he had won his first tandem competition and claimed the title and trophy for Billy the Bums in Cape Town.

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  With a growing passion for the cocktail and flair side of competitions he vowed that he would be the first all round South African champion, and in 2004/2005 he was the first bartender to have won a national flair and a national mixology championship and today he holds 5 of each title in South Africa.. Still to be beaten… Now with 15 year’s experience, designing over 40 cocktail menu’s, setting up several competitions for the younger generation of bartenders, performing hundreds of flair shows & fire shows, working at over 500 events including events like the British Royal wedding April 29th 2011, MTV music awards, Black Eyed Peas V.I.P. after party in UK, 24 wins in flair, mixology and speed competitions in South Africa and London, world ranking in both flair and mixology, national finalist in both the flair and mixology competitions in 2 different countries bartenders guilds – South African Bartenders Association & United Kingdom Bartending Guild & four times world finalist at the legendary Roadhouse in Covent Garden –UK, highest ranking 8th 2010 and appearing in several newspapers and magazine in South Africa, London, Zambia and Botswana, featuring on Eastenders promo video, the Smirnoff red vodka worldwide launch video, Ben Sherman – Carnaby street promo video, Opium night club in South Africa promo video, Bossa Nova Club South Africa promo video and Market Kitchen TV in the UK for the ‘what is the best beach cocktail competition’. He has brought his passion, skill and experience to the fine art of Professional bartender for hire, portable cocktail bars, bar consultancy and training.

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