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You’ll believe you are actually at an AC/DC concert! With over 100 years combined industry experience DIRTY DEEDS success is due to its professionalism and dedication, musical performance and showmanship backed up by an amazingly authentic light show.

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Well respected by fans and the industry, DIRTY DEEDS pride themselves on their ability to recreate the classic moments from AC/DC's musical legacy. That is why they were selected by Sony/Alberts Records to perform and represent AC/DC at the Official AC/DC ‘Black Ice’ Album Launch Party in October 2008 in Sydney.

Newly improved, DIRTY DEEDS is now the only AC/DC Tribute Show in Australia that is capable of giving you both ‘Brian Johnson’ (Andy Sutton) and ‘Bon Scott’ (Chad Townes), note for spine tingling note. Add to the mix Bagpipes (Ron Wicks) for the show stopper, 'It's a Long Way to the Top', and you have the greatest tribute to the Legends of Rock bar none!

Lead singer, Andy Sutton, has been playing the tribute show circuit for the past fifteen years and is the perfect ‘Brian Johnson’, both visually and aurally. He also sings all the hits penned by ‘Bon Scott’ perfectly when in 5 piece mode making DIRTY DEEDS look and sound like the current AC/DC lineup.

We are also pleased to announce ‘Bon Scott’ re-incarnate, Chad Townes, can be added to the DIRTY DEEDS line up to give you both a ‘Brian’ and ‘Bon’ singer at the same time. With ‘Bon’ strutting his stuff out front you will believe you are witnessing AC/DC in 1975!

Lead guitarist, Stu Greenwood, is the ultimate tribute to AC/DC's ‘Angus Young’. Dressed in his regulation school uniform and with a wireless guitar system, he is able to prowl through the audience accompanied by amazing special effects and the ‘Angus’ striptease.

DIRTY DEEDS rhythm section boasts this country's busiest working musicians who share extensive touring and recording experience throughout Australia and overseas. This depth of expertise gives you note for note and pound for pound that rock solid AC/DC sound.

DIRTY DEEDS is a show not to be missed!!!

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