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Glen Mead began his musical life as a young drummer in Sydney , Australia. He has travelled all over Australia and the world using music as his vehicle. Paying particular attention to the coastal regions. Early on , he played in numerous original bands, concept shows and cover bands in all manner of styles along with recording sessions.

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At 21 he studied in Melbourne at the Defence Force school Of Music, and also with some of  the best drummers in the city, Frank Corniola, Graham Morgan, Darren Farrugia, Virgil Donati and Alan Cumberland(London Symphony orchestra.) He studied orchestral percussion, Big band Jazz like his hero “Buddy Rich,” jazz ,and latin. He developed as a keyboard percussionist and in addition, gravitated to the guitar.

He developed as a singer whilst serving four years with the Military. “I ‘ve always had songs running through my head, so guitar was a handy instrument to be laying around." Glen then dove back into the Sydney scene where he played in different working bands and eventually put his own group together.

His focus has always been on the playing side of the business and not the glorious side, so with that, not many demos were sent to major record companies. “I’ve always loved playing in a band and enjoyed the variety it brings. You can be in a rock outfit Friday night and slip into a jazz outfit Saturday night, and finish off playing acoustic guitar on a Sunday afternoon session somewhere.”

Glen’s first solo album “Fringe Dweller,” is available on Itunes. These songs are a mix of emotions, starting with the tongue in cheek insanely bright “girlfriend,” to the dark and moody ballad of “I know,” to the cool Island feel of “My Island.” The album has a little bit for everyone. A follow up acoustic album is not far away….if we can only stop him touring long enough to get him into the studio.

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