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After being entered into a singing competition by friends on a golf trip, (much to my surprise) I came away a winner at the age of 27. I then pursued singing lessons and followed my dream, back then it wasn't necessarily to portray Elvis, but to sing anywhere, any place any time! It must have been my family long as I can remember they were playing Elvis so I guess when it came to performing Elvis songs, well that seemed to come easily to me, it was a natural way of being!

I had my start singing at the Blue Gum theatre restaurant, then was fortunate enough to pick up the role as Elvis in the multi "Mo" Award nominated showband "Heroes From Heaven". The show that I have been a part of now for 18 years, playing "The Big Bopper", Elvis in the black leathers and 70"s Elvis, (yes that famous white jump suit).

I am so grateful to "Heroes" has taught me much, I have had many amazing, crazy,fun and enjoyable experiences over the years

working The "Heroes from Heaven", creating my own show "Walking in Memphis" and singing with other bands and performing solo work, has evolved me personally and professionally leading me to this point in my life where entertaining audiences, large - small and everywhere in between is a wonderful and very special part of my life.

I could go on about all the fabulous experiences I have had over the years, however each performance is still as exciting as the first... I look forward to performing for you or your company or special event some time soon!

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