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Raised in an intensely musical family of diverse cultures, breathtaking soulful artists, Grace and Daniel Cherote have inherited a fathomless gift for music that has inevitably led to extensive achievements.

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Grace and Daniel Cherote have grabbed the attention of local and international agents and bloggers with a series of amazing performances as part of their 2012 east coast tour, and then to follow, a series of national tour dates with all 3 siblings as part of their Hank Williams Tribute showcases. Armed with sensuous, enigmatic vocals, Grace has already seized the attention of countless ardent followers and critics alike. Including international singer-songwriter Hughie Murray, which led to her lead role in his New Orleans / swing act The Big Ol Bus Band.

With this all-star line up she has toured extensively throughout Australia playing many major festivals and quintessential music theatres. While Daniel was completing his studies at the Australian Institute of music, he has collaborated with international musicians on his own album, featured as the lead guitarist in the all blues band "Tred" and even made his way over to East Timor with many other musicians and entertainers alike to perform for our very own troops.

Grace and Daniel sing and play like they're telling you the unembellished truth. They may be young, but their powerful, appreciating the eternal qualities of a star, raw talent, musical substance, and authentic voices that’s timeless. What sets them apart, is their fearless approach, traveling the gamut of emotions, reminding their audience of what it is to be human, to be brave, to suffer but to dream.

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