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Create Your Original Song & Build A Sound Team with The Human Sound Project. An uplifting interactive music experience that will transform your group into a harmonious team. Groups are empowered to create an original song that captures the story of their mission, organisation or event.

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Absolutely no musical experience is required! Grow skills in creativity, collaboration and communication, Receive a professionally mixed song and music video. Icebreakers kick off the workshop ensuring everyone feels totally comfortable and ready to rock out and collaborate! Groups then break off and share stories around a chosen topic for example: organisation brand, team values, or event messaging. The stories inspire the lyrics that are co-written by the group and capture their collective message. Then comes the sound making! The group is taught the foundations of voice, body percussion and beatboxing bringing out some hidden talents! Using the latest interactive audio recording technologies, groups take turns to layer their song with sounds and be will be amazed as their new song takes shape as it is played back live in the space. Following a debriefing session, the group will be delighted as their song is delivered to them as an MP3 and music video at the the end of their event.

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