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About Rock Star For a Day

LIVE THE ROCK STAR DREAM - Get the Rock Star treatment and perform like a Rock Star! Rock Star For A Day is a real recording experience, using professional sound engineers, record producers and make-up artists. It’s all about building confidence, working as a team (or band) and having a lot of fun. It’s the place where you (and your friends or colleagues) sing and record your favourite tunes, and make like a Rock Star For A Day. You’ll have a professional Rock Star make-over, go on a Rock Star photo-shoot, and launch your Rock Star CD. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive, and we know you’ll rock.

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GET YOUR TEAM PERFORMING WITH A TEAM BUILDING SESSION Rock Star For A Day is an exciting recording experience designed to measure, improve or enhance the performance of your people. They will love it, and so will you, because the experience is energising, motivating and revealing. It’s also a lot of fun, and we take care of everything.

Recording Your team arrives. Straight away they become a band (or bands), with songs to record. There’s time for a bit of singing practice before they let loose and go for it. They are guided by professional music producers who are very encouraging and supportive. Music brings out all kinds of emotions in people, and it’s fantastic to watch them overcoming inhibitions as they progress through the session.

Make-Up By the time the band has finished singing and recording, they are really pumped, and ready for their make-over. Our professional make-up artists and hair stylists are fabulous, and can bring out the hidden Rock Star in anyone. Again, it’s a very liberating experience, as people tend to express themselves (when they don’t have to be themselves).

Photo Shoot Now that the band is looking the part, and, more importantly, feeling the part, it’s time for the photo-shoot. Everything is cool – they’re in the expert hands of our photographer – the lighting, the mood, it’s all captured. Their transformation is almost complete.

Graphic Design Which photo to use on the CD? It’s hard to choose, the band looks fantastic in all of them. And with those graphic design effects, the CD looks like it could sell millions!

CD Production All the hard work (and fun) is about to pay off. The CDs are produced and labelled. The band is ready to take on the world! (And that’s exactly how people feel after Rock Star For A Day). There are five Session types; all have different structures, and can be tailored to your specific desired outcomes and needs: Team Building, Induction, Social Club, Conference and Reward

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