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As the CEO & Founder of Life Labs and the face behind Think Act Change, Avis aims to inspire people to create the necessary social and environmental change vital to the future of our cultures, communities and corporate organisations. At age twenty-eight some would say that Avis had success in the bag. She had a high paying recruitment job in Dublin, In a long-term relationship and could have quite comfortably settled down for what many would consider a ‘happy’ future. This disruptive purveyor of change was certainly after a happy future, and that drive was far less about accumulating profit, and all about embracing the purpose and the power of people.

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In 2008, Avis in her own words ‘went overboard’ and ditched the high paying job, instead taking up residence in an African rainforest. In 2010, she moved to Sydney, and in 2011 this serial entrepreneur embarked on her first start- up, mmMule, a social travel network. In 2014, she also founded Looloo Paper a social enterprise selling toilet paper to improve sanitation conditions in developing countries.

Avis is a huge advocate for inspiring people to create world change solutions and along the way has experienced both success and failure. From ‘failure’ she has harnessed wisdom, and has stayed true to her vision of inspiring purpose and leading change that in turn creates positive social impact.

These days Avis, is riding high on ‘social success’ as the face behind Think Act Change. Think Act Change is a community events program, where attendees talk about social and environmental problems and teach people how to fix them using innovation, entrepreneurship and design thinking. She is also the CEO and Founder of Life Labs, Australia's first accelerator focused on the development of digital technologies and products for people with a disability.

As a speaker, she embodies an Irish charm and encourages any audience to have a laugh. Avis offers steadfast content, and shares disruptive ideas that will expand your current view on the sustainability of current social and business structures through inspiring leadership and the activation of purpose.

As a prominent game changer, it is no surprise that Avis was a part of the Australian delegation to the G20 YES (Young Entrepreneurship Summit) in 2012. She was also named in Sydney Magazines ‘Top 100 People of Influence’.

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