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Bee Orsini is a charismatic young Australian whose message is the embodiment of heart centered leadership. She is a passionate advocate for leading with compassion and breaking down negative social stigmas that inhibit people stepping into their potential. Like many inspiring tales of purpose, Bee's story was born out of a painful situation. Bee was only a teenager when she left home due to a family breakdown. For years, she 'couch surfed' and often ended up in self-destructive situations until finding the Oasis Youth Support Network, who in partnership with The Salvation Army provides 24-hour emergency accommodation for the homeless youth. This marked the beginning of Bees remarkable transformation.

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After staying at Oasis, Bee moved to a local women's refuge. By this time, she craved independence and started applying for jobs. Her determination paid off when she was accepted for a role as an assistant in a law firm. She recalls the recruiter commenting that she 'must have done well for herself' as she had a Sydney CBD Address. To this day, Bee wonders whether she would have got that role had the recruiter known she was homeless?

Today, Bee works as a schools liaison and presenter for The Salvation Army's Education and Outreach Initiative. In 2013, Bee co-founded the Salvos Ambassador Movement, a leadership development platform that aims to equip students to be part of the next generation of history makers addressing social issues such as homelessness.

Due to her outstanding leadership skills, Bee has received awards such as The Foundation For Young Australians 'Young and Extraordinary', Westpac's 100 women of influence, and was nominated for the 2014 NSW Young Women of the Year. She is also a TED X Speaker, and is right at home sharing a stage with global icons such as Richard Branson, The Dalai Lama and Cate Blanchett.

As a speaker, Bee is passionate, on purpose and committed to her powerful message. Her love for her work is undeniable, and her take on leadership full of practical tools highlighting the power of the human heart. Bee thoroughly believes the potential is hidden beneath the layers of perception, and encourages all leaders to practice compassion, forgiveness and non-judgment, in ensuring people are given the opportunities they deserve, to create successful and abundant lives.

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