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Business entrepreneur and author, Bob Ansett devotes a good deal of his time sharing his business philosophy and experience with the general community. His story has been well documented by the Australian media and in his two best-selling books, Bob Ansett – An Autobiography and The Customer. But perhaps his most important achievement was in demonstrating business can put forward a human face.

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Bob developed a unique organisation which grew from a two person business to a very dynamic enterprise in its later years. With a turnover in excess of $400 million, Budget Rent A Car was a success story founded on the philosophy where employees are committed to excellence and each made their own individual contribution to the company.

Budget was a trend setter in employee relations and was one of the first companies to introduce health and fitness programs, long before it became the in thing to do. Its innovative marketing and world class customer service excellence has been recognised throughout Australia and many foreign countries.

At one stage his company faced financial difficulties due to the devastating airline strike and was ultimately acquired by Budget America in a joint venture with Ford, General Motors, Nissan and Toyota. Today Budget Rent A Car is primarily a franchised system.

Bob Ansett faced the financial crisis of his company with the same courage that he displayed in taking Budget to the top of the car rental market. His approach provided a graphic lesson in how winners behave when they are not winning – a perfect illustration of Hemingways definition of style: Grace Under Pressure.Throughout his business career Bob accepted on average up to 100 public speaking engagements per year and still continues this practice. He currently lectures on topics such as: Customer Service, Innovative Marketing, Entreprenuerism and Striving for Excellence.

After severing his ties with Budget, Bob Ansett Marketing Services was established to manage his speaking engagements and to provide consulting services in the field of Customer Service.

Bob Ansett has been President of the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce, the Victorian Congress of Employers Association, Vice Chairman of the Moomba Festival, founder and inaugural President of the Australian Customer Service Association, Chairman of the Federal Governments Trade Negotiations Advisory Group and Chairman of the North Melbourne Football Club.

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