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As an accredited nutritionist and lifestyle speaker, Catherine Saxelby is an expert on healthy lifestyle and well-being. She is recognized at a national level for her expertise in health, wellness, nutrition and energy! She is a lively and motivating speaker on healthy eating – one who understands the demands of today’s busy world, constant change and lack of time. She specializes in action-packed, energy-charged sessions designed to add more zest, zing and zip to your life!

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Catherine’s enthusiasm for health and her engaging and practical style ensures the audience is inspired and motivated to make changes to their health. Officially she is an Accredited Nutritionist as well as a best-selling author and blogger.

Catherine is the author of 10 books including her latest The Complete Food and Nutrition Companion which was awarded the Chandler Book Prize from the AIFST in 2014.

She has been the Nutrition Editor for Super Food Ideas, Table and Healthy Food Guide magazines and written for heaps of magazines and newspapers including Sunday Life, Herald-Sun, Canberra Times, Readers Digest, Womens Weekly and New Idea. She comments regularly on radio and television.

Her website was one of the first Australian sites on the Internet back in the 1990s. She spends too much time on Twitter and Instagram.

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