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With a passion for human-centric design Claudia Barriga-Larriviere has mastered the art of unravelling the myths around human motivation and drive. As a growth advisor in the start up space, and an innovation specialist Claudia innately understands how these factors influence human behaviour. While Claudia was fortunate to have an abundant upbringing, it was what happened outside of her safe home that taught her the most about human behaviour. In Peru, it was not unusual to hear loud explosions and bombs going off just around the corner. Through these experiences Claudia understood what it meant to live in survival. It wasn’t until many years later after moving to Australia, Claudia began to wonder why people who were living in the ‘lucky’ country also seemed to be running away from something, despite there being no bombs.

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Curious in nature Claudia questioned this behaviour, and her search for answers led her to begin to unravel the human myth. What is it that defines our why, what we believe, and how we relate to our environment. Further more who are we at work, at home, and how do these myths affect what and how we consume.

Today Claudia has used her passion for people, to identify the relationship between design, innovation and people. As the founder of Start Up Milkshake and the Chief Innovation Officer at South Bondi, Claudia assists organisations who are in start up, incubating an idea, or building project teams. She is also a growth advisor and an advocate for collaborative cultures.

Claudia is also a passionate philanthropist, and has used her tools, talent and time to assist human beings in need. Some notable projects include working alongside the team at Project Futures and Cure For Brain Cancer. She is also the Dean of The Awesome Foundation in Sydney.

Along with a whirlwind of success, Claudia also believes that failure is an art, if we can skilfully live in the margin of error. After all human risk, is where we find authentic growth.

As a speaker, Claudia brings a cheeky charisma yet graceful delivery. She eases the audience into a new way of viewing the nature of human motivation. As an innovation columnist for Startup Daily, she also brings a wealth of research to any stage, and regardless of the size of the audience her warm delivery has been specifically customised for the human beings engaged in her powerful message.

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