Col Cameron

Sydney & NSW

About Col Cameron

Col Cameron is a veteran entertainer specializing in comedy. He is great demand at corporate events a versatile MC and comedian and at stand up comedy venues including some of the largest cruise ships in the world.

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With over 20 years of performing behind him in a variety of roles including comedian, master of ceremonies, musician as well as writer and producer, he has the unique ability to see your event through the eyes of the event manager, end client and audience. Col’s style is always focused on connecting with the audience and establishing a relaxed environment. His many years as a stand up comic and club MC has honed his skills at preparing the atmosphere for others to flourish. Keynote speakers to nervous CEOs have all appreciated Col’s excellent work in preparing the audience for their presentation.

More recently Col has become a regular featured comedian for Carnival Cruises, the largest cruise company in the world. Col is called on to perform both 30min late night adult shows as well as 30min children’s shows to audiences of up to 400 at a time across the cruise. With 5 different shows required, Col performs for 2.5 hours without repeating a joke!

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