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MasterChef audience favourite Dani Venn made a big splash on our screens in 2011. The MasterChef judges were impressed with her knowledge of Asian flavours, skill in the kitchen and her enthusiastic and relentless energy. They loved Dani so much that they asked her to be apart of the MasterChef All Stars series this year. Dani is a regular on Nova 100’s Hughesy and Kate breakfast show in Melbourne and is also a Starlight Foundation ‘Serving Up Smiles’ Ambassador.

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She also has a book in development that expresses her unique style.

Dani’s love of food and cooking came from watching her Mum work the wok to create delicious meals for the family. Chinese food has influenced Dani’s style, as her ancestors were some of the first Chinese settlers to come to Australia.

After she finished high school, Dani spent seven months voluntarily teaching English in Vietnam. She discovered street food, ate as much as she possibly could, and experienced an amazing and intriguing way of living.

Combine that passion with her sense of adventure and travel, and Dani is definitely making her dreams a reality. Keep an eye on Dani and see where she pops up next on radio and television!

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