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About David Dale (NSW)

Writer and broadcaster David Dale is Australia’s most respected and most entertaining commentator on popular culture. He knows how Australians shop, read, socialise, eat, travel, and amuse themselves, and he explains the national character with wit and insight.

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David Dale graduated from Sydney University with honours in psychology, but decided he would do less harm to the cause of mental health if he went into journalism. He has been a political reporter for The Australian, a sub-editor for General Practitioner, features editor of The Sun-Herald, Editor of The Bulletin, New York correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald, and broadcaster for ABC Radio 702 and Radio 2GB.

His 12 books include The Obsessive Traveller (or why I don’t steal towels from great hotels any more); An Australian in America; Essential Places (A book about ideas and how they started); The 100 Things We Loved About the 20th Century; The Official Liars’ Handbook; Buon Ricordo – How to make your home a great restaurant; The Little Book of Australia and Soffritto – A delicious Ligurian memoir.

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