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About Dr Alan Duffy – Astrophysicist (VIC)

Alan is a professional astrophysicist, creating universes on supercomputers to understand how galaxies form and to probe the nature of dark matter. As such, he is often asked to explain it to a wide audience on TV / radio or public events. He is a regular on ABC TV’s Breakfast News, Network Ten’s The Project and has also appeared in Stargazing Live: Back to Earth with Brian Cox and Todd Sampson’s Life on the Line.

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He is a Research Fellow and Associate Professor at Swinburne University and an experienced corporate/public speaker in astrophysics, aboriginal astronomy and science and technology (in particular Big Data, Machine Learning / AI). He has given public talks in the Sydney Opera House, and opened to 5000 at Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Melbourne tour. Alan speaks on a range of topics including astronomy, shared skies/Aboriginal astronomy, searching for extraterrestrial life, and ethics in a technological world.

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