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The realm of music has always offered an alternate world of self-expression for Emma Dean, whose vibrant and eccentric personality shines through her striking vocals, making her an exceptionally radiant performer. Having grown up on the classical and jazz influences of her father, a local Brisbane radio station contributor, Emma was introduced to bold instrumentals and musical bravado from a young age, qualities which remain innate throughout her colourful catalogue of music.

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Through her schooling years Emma found joy in classical violin and piano, going on to form her first high school band Halo, and performing her first gig at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre of all places as part of Brisbane’s annual Rock Eisteddfod, leaving a grandiose and exciting first impression of performance on the young musician.

With a sparked intrigue, Emma delved deeper into her music, personally experimenting with singing and song writing to expand her musical boundaries. At 18, Emma found herself with a choice: choose between her trustworthy violin, her instrument of choice since age 6, or her newly found thrill in singing and song writing as she entered university at The Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

Emma’s latest endeavour, Emma and the Hungry Truth, epitomises her range and depth of sentiment, as she comes face-to-face to confront the fears and demons that ran rampant through her mind in this reactionary response to an intensely emotional year in New York. Featuring five other musicians and incorporating vibrant instrumentals, ranging from basic keyboard melodies to surprising Theremin induced oscillations, Emma and the Hungry Truth prove a breath of fresh air in Emma’s reinvigorated career, sending chills down your spine to feel every feeling right alongside Emma’s stirring vocals. Emma’s electrifying voice tells a rich story of personal experiences and emotions from a life on the stage. Working together with The Hungry Truth to fearlessly achieve a magical juxtaposition, Emma’s piercingly beautiful voice collides with the band’s intricate rhythms, rich harmonies, and distinctive instrumentation.

Now balancing her time between Brisbane and New York, and soaring to new heights in both, Emma leaves her audiences spellbound with her enchanting voice. 2014 will see Emma continue an earnest journey of self-discovery and value, using her gorgeous voice and innate quirks to express her stories, leaving you with a warmed heart and a beaming smile, guaranteed to stretch from ear to ear.

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